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If you want something a little more exciting then your regular entertainment then let Betty, Dot and Mabel get your guests ‘In The Mood’ as they set the scene by bringing the look of vintage glamour to your event.

The Pacific Belles have a variety of costumes that you can choose from to suit your event style from Playsuits, Sarong dresses or Wartime.


Performances can be anything from small sets roving around amongst your guests to getting the night into full swing along side their very own 6 piece swing band, guaranteed to get your guests singing along and toe tapping in no time.
There are a number of packages available to suit all budgets including a DJ option.

Meet The Belles

Dot – Collin Mackenzie Poole

Dot has found her Mr Right but boy does she like to fool around under that Apple Tree.
Poor Archie, will he ever be able to get her to settle down.
Always one to get an Air raid party started she enjoys a tipple or two!

Betty – Laura Monaghan

Betty came over on the boat from Blighty after being separated from her love Bert during the Blitz.
She is unlucky in love but dreams of finding her beau someday. Known as ‘Bossy Betty’ she keeps the Belles in line!

Mabel – Susie McCann

Mabel ‘like the table’ as she likes to introduce herself. Married to Johnny who she misses dearly as he is away fighting for his country. She enjoys dreaming of one day performing on Broadway. Favourite saying ‘What a Lark’!

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Enjoy a selection of your favourite classics from the 1940’s, you’ll be singing along and toe tapping in now time.
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